Friday, January 14, 2011

tadada.. tara dada..

1 thing like the most..
the sound of drum in a music..
playing so hard but almost ignored every time..

the man who change the tempo..
who fills the song..
who create the rhythm..

and I want to be that..
the man who plays hard..
for the band, for the music he loves..

still wishing on having my own drum set..
just waiting there in the corner of the showroom..
barely untouch..
envying on those keyboards, guitars and basses that people so highly admires..
that makes the girls screams and the guys speechless..

Roland was his name, the electronic drum that I admires..

simple, but yet.. so magnificent it is..
how I imagine it to be in my room..
as I already make space..
and untouch space..
just for the beloved Roland..
soon to be besties..

and when the time comes, I have my own band..

tadada.. tara dada..

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