Friday, August 28, 2009

WTF! .Battle of Best Frenemies Forever

tonight is going to be another nite to watch..
as two of the best managers in English Premier League;

Sir Alex Ferguson of Manchester United
Arsene Wenger of Arsenal

(two of the longest serving manager in premier league history)
both will be showing off what they got, what they can do to other, despite the losses of Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlos Tevez for United, and the injury problem to Cesc Fabregas, the Arsenal's talisman and the Premier League fastest footballer, Theo Walcott.

(who will be missed most? you decide!)
Still, both teams has got theimselves a lot of fire power in them to ensure tonight's game another game not to be missed. After only being able to featured in one match against United last season, Arshavin really has come out as strong as ever and will be one of the key player not the be ignored. With their new signing Vermaeleen and former captain Gallas on form, its going to be hard for United guns to penetrate. After winning both their opening match, Arsenal would love to maintain their winning ways when the visit Old Trafford tonight.

(Arsenal will rely heavily to these key player for tonight fixture)
Without Cristiano Ronaldo and Tevez in the picture, Wayne Rooney has been given the central role as the main striker and after reaching his century mark for United goals, he still has a lot to show especially to Fabio Capello aheads of England World Cup Qualifier against Croatia. With Berbatov and free summer signing Owen also has their name on the scoresheet last week, its going to be a headache for Sir Alex Ferguson to chose Rooney's starting partner. With the absence of Rio Ferdinand in defence and Edwin Van Der Sar in goal, pressure sure to rise for the young line of United defenders. Vidic and Evra will have to show that the can still lead the defence pack that will either consist of Neville, O'Shea, Fabio, Evans, or De Laet. Another United summer signing, winger Antonio Valencia will show that he is not one player to mess with. With a very outstanding performing against his former club last week, he is expected to supply the ball from right and become a pain in the ass for Arsenal's defence line.

(will it be these guys scoring for United? or would it be the underdog players like O'Shea etc?)
So, who'd you think will come out on top after 90 minutes?
Hope United can maintain their one-on-one record with Arsenal at Old Trafford.
(the United defence line should watch out for Eduardo acrobatic diving, hope no encore tonight)


firdausMohamad said...

fair preview!

nice bro.

yeah, personally i think vidic will be red devil's toughest opponent to beat tonight!


may the best team win...

Khairil Hafizi said...

malam nh dpt la tgk 2 tembok besar on each side.. test mne lagi kebal..


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