Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Papa's Birthday!

ehem.. ehem..
today's my Papa punya birthday!
So, I want to wish him the very best of birthday..
and I wish him all the good health and wealth in the world..

Papa, I love you!

Mr. Khairi Thaw, you're the man!

and last week also my Mama punya birthday..
since I only managed to phone her on her birthday, so this post is for you too Mama~

p/s: you two are the best couple I've known all my life.. I wish you all the very best of happiness, prosperity and longevity..
I love you two soooooo much!
Sorry sebab degil sangat-sangat~


SuRayA^i. said...

hazlie comelll~~~
er. tibe tibe je -.-"

Khairil Hafizi said...

huhu... sumer pon comey yer.. tgk la abg long diorg.. cute jugak~~ lalala~


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