Tuesday, November 17, 2009

LOL! .Top 1 memang Top!.

where can you find a dinner set consist of 1 plate of chicken chop @ fish n' chip, a bowl of mushroom soup, ice-cream and ice lemon for RM9.90? And a slice of ooohhh-sooo-goood cheese cake for RM4.00 per slice?
Sounds too good to be true? Guess again.

Thanks to a good friend of mine, Alia Hakim for introducing me to this awesome place. Simple, and yet the menu was great. You can have so many choices of western food like chicken chop, lamb chop, grill steak and spaghetti to choose from. Seriously, the price is reasonable.

The restaurant is at Batu Gajah, taking the old road to railway station passing through the flyover. The restaurant is situated in front of Batu Gajah Plaza, and if you look from the outside, it looks more like a bakery than a restaurant.

I and my lovely Suraya went to this restaurant to try out the very-reasonable-weekday-set for our dinner. After we arrived at the restaurant, I ordered the Chicken Chop Set while Suraya ordered the Fish n' Chip Set. We also order an Oreo Cheese Cake for dessert, along with the ice-cream we get from the set. FYI, all the cake was made fresh and in-house by the worker. If you are longing to eat cheese cake of any sort. just come to this restaurant. They have many cheese cake flavour to choose from. From the normal pure Cheese Cake to the Marbel Cheese Cake and also my all time favourite, Blueberry Cheese Cake.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. The ice-cream also come in many choices. Just pick one and try. I bet you won't regret it.

Below are some of the shots we took at the restaurant.

on the left is Suraya's Fish n' Chip while my Chicken Chop below hers..

Suraya's enjoying her meal. ;-)

on top is the Oreo Cheese Cake and below is the ice-cream that comes with the set.


p/s: if any of you guys who wish to go to this restaurant but not sure how to get there, bring me with you.. LOL!


SuRayA^i. said...

hoho, pntas2 upd8

EffExx said...

I've been there! Seriously Nice place.

Khairil Hafizi said...

suraya- hehe...

Khairil Hafizi said...

foo- yerp2.. agree.. nice food and delicious cheese cake... sluurrp~

BadRina said...

Nama kedai tu Top One la keane...n seriously xpenah g tmpt nii? Port syiok kowt..sbb tmpt dia ber-aircond :P

Orkid said...

ok. ptg ni nak g gak :P

Khairil Hafizi said...

syahed - hehe.. tapi kt malaysian foodies guide dier tulis Top 1 Batu Gajah.. so ikut la.. n yes, memang port best.. dpt mkn cheese cake puas2.. tp apsal I jmpe senior je ek yg mkn situ.. junior xtau ke?

BadRina said...

oh yes, cheese cake dia memg undeniably sedap..irresistable! pasal tu, i pun xsure..tp bgus la..xya berebut~ :P

Khairil Hafizi said...

hahaha... korang la nh ek... xmo btau dak2 junior pot2 best nk mkn.. haha

OoizzioO said...

aku pernah mkn sini time 1st time aku join dance
senior2 dancer bwk p sana

Khairil Hafizi said...

izzi - hoho... ko da nak grad.. mner janji2 manis mu nk lepak makan2 ngan aku nh~


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